We hope you like the new LED86 site!

Hey everyone! I'm Jesse, the managing director of LED86.

So it's been a really busy week! For some time I have thought about upgrading the site as it was getting a bit stale and with more products being added, it was also more difficult to manage and find things. So I decided to go for a complete overhaul.

It's been hours and hours of work but I think it shows. There is so much more we can do with this site now and things can always be added to expand on what framework we have laid.

Just some of the new features we have with this new site are:

  • An easier to follow menu, complete with brands, vehicle models, etc
  • A news blog for information like this
  • Live chat to quickly answer questions direct from the site to your facebook
  • Customer reviews! and soon to add customer product photo uploads!
  • Plenty of social media integration
  • Professional channels of communication like newsletters
  • Login using social media profiles
  • Direct product feed to our facebook page
  • Consistent cart (your cart follows which ever device your on if you have an account)
  • And plenty more things I can't think of right now. Basically ALL THE THINGS!

One thing you will need to do if you already have an account is to reset your password by going to the forgot/reset password on the login page or the direct link in the footer.

Hah! And apologies to everyone getting an email recently. There was a bug in the system when migrating the previous orders and every customer was sent an email saying that had made an order, way back to 2013. I've never replied to so many emails in my life! But don't worry, no payments were taken or anything, just an email mishap.

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