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Trunk Light

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Replaces the stock bulb in the trunk. Much brighter than stock!

License Plate LED Bulbs


2x T10 LED bulbs. Replace the existing stock bulbs for the license plate lights giving a pure white effect to the license plate area.

Toyota/Subaru LED Plate Lamps

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These replacement LED license lamps are the brightest you are going to find anywhere. They replace the existing stock bulb cover & bulb with these LED lamps with inbuilt LEDs....

CF18 8PIN LED Flasher Relay


This relay replaces the existing relay and is a simple plug-n-play installation. It will stop the "hyper-flashing" that you get when LED bulbs are used for indicator lights. Hyper-flashing is...

Interior Vanity Mirror


2x 31mm festoon 6smd LED bulbs replace the existing bulbs in the vanity mirrors. These are only compatible for the GTS & BRZ as the GT doesn't have illuminated vanity...

Valenti Toyota 86/ Subaru BRZ Side Indicator (Smoked)


Genuine Valenti side indicators direct from Valenti Japan. Plug-n-play installation so no wiring required and backed by a 1 year warranty. Each side marker has 9x quality super bright LEDs....

Interior Map Light


This bright, cool white LED panel has an adhesive backing and festoon adaptor and really brings your interior a classy feel.

GT86 Parker Lights


2x T10 white LED bulbs to be used for the Toyota 86 GT Parker lights.

Front Turn Signals


T20 LED Front Signal bulbs. Hi Intensity amber color. Remove the egg yolk effect by getting rid of the stock bulbs and switch to LED bulbs.

Reverse Lights


2x T10 LED bulbs. Replace the stock bulbs with these T10 LED reverse lights. Super bright with a clean pure white color, easy installation.

Toyota 86 GT LED DRL Bulbs


Finally a new and improved LED DRL bulb is available for the Toyota 86 GT. These bulbs are a direct plug-n-play replacement for the stock Toyota 86 GT DRL bulbs....

Valenti Rear Fog Lamp (Smoked lens)


Upgrading your stock rear fogs can add many benefits. You will increase you visibility to others on the road, have a longer bulb lifespan, and use less power compared to...

Valenti LED Interior Lamp Kit


Give your interior a factory LED look. The Valenti Jewel LED Interior Lamp Kit comes with 3 pieces.1x LED panel light,1x Reflector plate,1x Diamond pattern lens. This product easily installs...

Valenti Euro LED Flasher Relay


When upgrading your Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ indicators there is always the flasher relay to consider upgrading. Without one you indicators will flash repaidly and this is known as 'hyper flash'....

Avest V2 Side Indicator (Smoked)


The Avest version 2 side indicators for the Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ have a plug-n-play side indicator and a DRL that is wired in. Available in smoked lens.

AR Front Indicator (Smoked)


These front indicators from Auto-R feature an LED indicator and also a white DRL function to increase visibility on the road. To prevent indicator hyper-flashing, the product contains 2x inline...

White LED Courtesy Door Lamp


Plug-n-play courtesy door lamps for the Toyota 86 GTS and Subaru BRZ. These are not suitable for the Toyota 86 GT as there is no wiring to connect the lamps...

Side Marker LED Bulbs


2x T10 amber LED bulbs. Easy direct replacement with stock bulbs. LED flasher relay is required for LED indicator bulbs to prevent hyper-flashing. Only 1 relay is required per vehicle...

Complete LED Kit (GTS/BRZ)

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When we say this is a complete LED kit, we mean it! With this Toyota 86 GTS/Subaru BRZ LED package you get EVERYTHING in the one pack to completely upgrade...

Rear Fog Light


This LED bulb replaces the stock rear fog light bulb. Improve you safety and vision to others on the road by using LED bulbs. Quick and easy installation.

Indicator Kit (GT/GTS/BRZ)

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Not looking for a full led kit but would still like a deal and some exterior mods? Try our Indicator Kit! Available for Toyota 86 GT/GTS & Subaru BRZ. Individually...

Valenti 6000k H11 Halogen Bulbs


If you are looking for an alternative to HID conversion kits and still want that pure white look, these Valenti H11 6000k Halogen bulbs are for you! Direct plug-n-play, no...

Rear Turn Signals


2x T20 LED Rear Turn Signal bulbs. High Intensity amber color. Remove the egg yolk effect by getting rid of the stock bulbs and using LED bulbs. Quick and easy...

GTS/BRZ Headlight Connector


For a long time it has been quite a painful job to install a set of GTS or BRZ HID headlights or even aftermarket HID headlights like the Valenti headlights...