8pin/6pin Headlight Adapters

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Trying to install 8pin headlights on a Toyota 86 GT 6pin connector? Save yourself hours or work with our 8pin/6pin Headlight Adapters!

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For a long time it has been quite a painful job to install a set of GTS or BRZ HID headlights or even aftermarket HID headlights like the Valenti headlights into a Toyota 86 GT model due to the different headlight connectors the Toyota 86 GT has. Finally we have a simple 8pin/6pin Headlight Adapters to make these jobs super easy!

The problem is that the GT has a 6pin connector and the GTS/BRZ HID headlights have an 8pin connector, so obviously connecting them together does not work. It would take many hours of cutting wires, splicing, soldering etc to get it to work. Now with these 8pin/6pin Headlight Adapters you just plug them in and your done! There is one wire that runs off which is the indicator power wire. If your new headlights have an indicator function this wire needs to be spliced to your side indicator power so the indicators on the headlights will function. If your new headlights don’t have indicators such as the original GTS headlights, then the installation is simply plug-n-play.

For Toyota 86 GT owners looking for a good set of headlights then check out the Valenti Headlight GT Package. The package comes with everything you need including these headlight adapters so you can upgrade your factory halogen headlights to some awesome Valenti HID headlights.

FRS/USA Compatibility

We have had many inquiries from overseas customers particular from the USA asking if our Headlight Adapters will fit on the Scion FRS. After sending many sets to the USA and getting feedback from the customers we can confirm that they are indeed compatible.

International Shipping

We can ship these headlight connectors worldwide. Please send us a message and we can give you a shipping cost.

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