Replacement Side Indicator Clips


Replacement Side Indicator Clips can be a money saver when you discover one of your indicators has fallen out and the metal clip that holds it in place is gone. Instead of having to purchase a whole new set of indicators you can now simply purchase a new set of retaining clips instead.



For a long time we have been asked if we have replacement side indicator clips for the Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ and now we finally have them! You have probably been in the situation before where your side indicator hasn’t been installed correctly which has lead to the indicator falling out. Upon closer inspection you notice one of the metal retaining clips has also gone missing and all you can do is purchase a whole new set of indicators. Well no longer is that the case as you can simply purchase a set of replacement clips through LED86!

From our experience the most common clip to fall out is the ‘A’ clip and this is the clip that does most of the work to hold the indicator in place. In fact the ‘B’ & ‘C’ clip pretty much just guide and align the side indicator.

The replacement side indicator clips will fit any side indicator suitable for the Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ. For installation just insert the new clip in place of where the old one was. A note to consider is if the black plastic that holds the clip is damaged you may still need a new set of indicators as the clip will just fall out again or you could try gluing the clip in place.

We have setup the 4 packages which you can choose to suit your needs;

  • 2x Set – A,B,C Clips
  • 2x Set – A,A,A Clips
  • 2x Set – B,B,B Clips
  • 2x Set – C,C,C Clips

For example if you order the “2x Set – A,A,A Clips” you will receive 6 pieces of A clips only.

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