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The Valenti LED Flasher Relay is a premium LED relay which will fix your indicator hyper flashing issues but also add a tap to turn function to the car.

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The Valenti LED Flasher Relay is a premium option for those looking for a relay to fix their hyper flashing but also add an extra tap to turn feature. It’s core function is to fix hyper flashing which is caused by installing LED indicator bulbs and also in some cases with aftermarket LED tail lights or headlights that have LED indicators but no inbuilt resistors to control hyper flashing.

Hyper flashing is when your indicators blink very fast which is the car’s warning system to the driver that an indicator bulb might be blown and needs to be replaced. Due to LED bulbs using less power the car can think a bulb is blown and your indicators will hyper flash to warn the driver of the error. This is where the Valenti Euro LED Relay comes in use. By installing the relay it will allow for LED indicators to be installed without the hyper flashing.

The additional feature from the Valenti LED Flasher Relay is it’s tap to turn function. By tapping on the indicator stalk your indicators will flash three times, this feature is becoming popular in modern cars as it’s a quick and easy way for lane merging or short turns. It might not seem like much but trust us when we say once you start using it you can’t imagine driving without it.

There is one more thing that sets the Valenti LED Flasher Relay apart from the others and that’s the first blink delay. With a typical LED Flasher Relay, on the first blink there is always a bit of a pause and then the following blinks are normal. Most customers can overlook this with the standard LED relay but others might be irritated. The Valenti relay completely eliminates this first blink delay.

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