Tips For Installing Toyota 86 Side Indicators

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After releasing our hugely popular Dynamic LED Side Indicators for the Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ, we felt it was a good time to give everyone our best tips for installing side indicators. So let’s jump right into it!

First up, if you haven’t seen the couple of videos we have done, it’s worth checking them out. Although these videos are quite old now and the production quality is cringy, the information contained still holds true today. We are amazed that it’s actually our highest viewed video with almost 30,000 views! 

In this next video we cover some more in-depth explanation on why side indicators can be very difficult to remove or install due to the metal clip that holds it in place.

We feel those videos will cover it best but for those that like reading here are a few tips.

  • Use a small flat metal ruler or something similar. It will help immensely to get behind the side indicator and push against clip ‘A’.
  • Don’t force the side indicator out, this is the quickest way to bend or break the ‘A’ clip.
  • When installing a side indicator we always start with the bottom corner and pushing it in as much as possible. The you can “pinch” the top corner to lock in clip ‘A’. You should hear an audible “pop” most of the time meaning the ‘A’ clip has locked in securely.
  • Test the side indicator is securely in place by pulling back on the top corner away from the body of the car. Keep applying gentle/steady but fairly heavy force. The idea here is to feel if its going to pop out easily but not pull so much that your going to rip it out.
  • Sometimes you can inspect the ‘A’ clip is seated in place correctly by pulling the top edge of the indicator away from the car body and using a torch to see behind the metal from of the car. You are looking to see the edge of the ‘A’ clip behind the car from. See 2nd video above to understand how the clip sets into position.
  • If all else fails and the side indicator keeps falling out, we recommend you immediately apply some clear tape across the top edge of the side indicator so it holds against the car body. The worst thing to do is nothing and having the side indicator fall out while driving which gets sucked straight into the wheel and usually rips out a bunch of wiring along with it.

Hopefully someone out there has found some help from this post as we understand how annoyingly difficult removing and installing the side indicators on the Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ can be. Really it’s one of those things that is difficult to do the first time but once you understand the mechanics it begins to make sense. 

One final message is about the metal ‘A,B,C’ retaining clips that are found on all side indicators. For a long time if you broke, bent or lost one of these clips and usually it was the ‘A’ clip, there was nothing you could do but purchase a new set of side indicators. Over the years we were asked many times if we supplied just the clips and we are happy to say we finally do have these in stock! Simply head over the the Replacement Side Indicator Clips page and order a new set.

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