Your Support For LED86 Will See Us Through These Times

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Hello all, hope your all staying safe during these uncertain times. Not going to lie, I have been pretty worried about what is to come and what things will look like at the other end of all this. The most difficult thing is how fast it’s all happening. I catch myself thinking like everything is pre 2020 but then it hits me that the world is suddenly a different place at this moment but always keep in mind we will get through this together.

With so much uncertainty it has been difficult to decide how to best move forward with LED86 to get through it all as it could be a month or it could be 6-12 months, we just don’t know! One thing that has really hit hard for the business is the AUD exchange rate. Just a couple of weeks ago I was ordering stock and complaining at the poor rates, looking at the present its sooo much worse! 1.8 WTF!

Last week at 1.67 I was just going to absorb the cost, today at 1.73 I decided to start adjusting some prices and by the time I had gone over everything I checked the rate and it was at 1.8! I don’t think it’s fair to myself or the customers to be changing the price of goods on a daily basis so I had to make some decisions.

To begin with, LED86 will be putting a hold on ordering any additional inventory until things settle down, this could be weeks or months, who knows, but for now we can’t risk burning cash and chasing exchange rates while pricing goods out of anyone’s reasonable reach.

Next we will be putting pretty much all current stock on sale and the price changes will start going live over the next 24 hours. This is your chance to help support LED86 and get us through these times while also picking up a deal. If your having to stay home now is as good a time as any to do some mods to the car!

Finally until there is a clear end to this, LED86 will just focus on LED bulbs which is our Lumiere Lighting range and probably a few other high demand products. 

If there is something you want us to order in and you don’t care about the cost just contact us so we can see what we can do.

So to sum up:

  • All inventory purchasing on hold until further notice.
  • Check the store for some great deals as we sell most the current inventory available.
  • Our focus will be on our LED bulbs and high demand items for time being.
  • We are still open and trading as normal, just in a very lean state.

Again thank you for all the support. As long as LED86 goes into a “hibernation” state we should come out of this. We extend our compassion to all other businesses and customers that may also be affected from this pandemic.

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